Doing your internship with us is meant to give you experience working in a marine conservation organisation as part of a larger team. Internship positions are open for anyone who would like to gain experience managing their own project as part of the goals of a larger organisation and gain skills in managing volunteers. An internship will also give you an idea whether you would like to work in the field of conservation in the future.

Required Education

Enrolled in or completed a MSc or BSc program in (marine) biology, environmental sciences or similar study, or show other credentials that make you qualified to take up any of the conservation projects.

Our Expectations

If you are a university student we expect you will:

  • Inform us before you come what your university expects of us in terms of evaluation and tutoring.
  • Have a tutor from your university, who will guide you with writing your final report.
  • Be willing to take charge of one of our existing projects, take up one of our conservation project ideas or your own project which fits in with the goals of MCP. If you are staying long enough and are really research minded, you could also do work on one of our research project ideas. This needs to be agreed upon before you come, but during your stay we can always make adjustments.
  • Intern with the desire to stay for a minimum of 16 weeks, so you have ample time to get to know the location, hone your research skills and contribute to the organisation.
  • Try your best to bring your own laptop for data entry.

What We Provide

  • Tutoring on site;
  • Feedback on your activities;
  • Usage of all the MCP facilities;
  • Training in methodology and species identification if necessary and available;
  • 40% reduction of volunteer fee. You will only pay $250/week. This includes three daily meals; tea, coffee and water; various snacks; basic dorm accommodation; free scuba diving and use of dive gear; marine park fees.
  • You can join any PADI dive course you wish to, but you have to pay for the certification and books.
  • Assistance from volunteers for your activities if needed and depending on availability.
  • An inspiring and fun working environment of local and international conservationists, volunteers and scientists.

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